Panel Guard Stainless Steel Mesh Kit & Aluminium Fasteners

Durable coated stainless steel mesh to last under Australian weather. 

Solar Panel Mesh kits are suitable to fit around the perimeter of solar panels flush against the slope of roofs. The mesh grill acts as a physical barrier to prevent birds and other pests from entering under the panel. This system does not harm pests.

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kits offer a new cost-effective, simple way of protecting your greatest asset for saving money and reducing power costs. Made from stainless steel and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and using UV stable nylon fasteners, Solar Panel Mesh kits are made to last.

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kits stop birds and rodents and prevent leaves and other debris from getting under solar panels. Reduces damage caused by birds and rodents, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures unrestricted airflow around panels.

Installation is quick and easy.




Many Australian home and business owners have installed solar panels on their roofs in recent years to take advantage of government incentives in the form of subsidies and rebates. This has allowed many homeowners to utilise their roof as a power generating source in the form of solar energy.However with any new development there comes unforseen challenges. Solar panel installations on house roofs create ideal nesting locations for urban pest birds, especially pigeons. Solar panels offer shade and protection for the birds. Unfortunately this can result in costly damage to the solar panels and reduced efficiency. Pigeons can damage exposed wiring under solar panels, deposit droppings that eat into the surface of the panels as well as blocking sunlight that can reduce overall efficiency. In addition, leaves, twigs and other nesting materials can accumulate under solar panels reducing airflow which again reduces efficiency and can lead to damage from overheating.

How to Calculate the Solar Panel Bird Mesh You Need

Total Length of Solar Panel Bird Mesh =

Rows × 2m × Number of Solar Panels in the Longest Row × 1m × (1 + 15%)


Rows: The total number of rows of solar panels on the roof.

2m: The width of each row of solar panels (assuming a uniform).

Number of Solar Panels in the Longest Row: The total number of solar panels in the row with the most panels.

1m: The length of the solar panel bird mesh needed for each solar panel.

(1 + 15%): Adding 15% to account for overlaps and wastage.

Solar panels are typically arranged in rows on the roof, with each row consisting of multiple panels. When calculating the amount of solar panel bird mesh you need, you can use the following method: multiply the number of panels in the longest row by the total number of rows. For example, if the longest row contains 5 panels and there are 6 rows in total, you will need to multiply 5 panels by 6 rows, which equals 30 meters of solar panel bird mesh.

Account for Overlaps and Wastage: Additionally, it’s important to consider possible wastage due to cutting and shaping the mesh to fit around edges and corners. When installing the bird mesh, you may need to account for overlaps between individual pieces or sheets to ensure complete coverage and effectiveness in keeping birds away.

Add an Extra 15% Mesh: To ensure you have enough bird mesh material, it’s advisable to add an extra 15% to the calculated amount. In this case, 15% of 30 meters would be 4.5 meters. Therefore, you should add 4.5 meters to the total calculated length.

Total Bird Mesh Needed: To get the final total, add the extra 15% mesh to the initial calculated amount. 30 meters + 4.5 meters equals 34.5 meters. Therefore, you will need a total of 34.5 meters (or rounded up to 35 meters) of solar panel bird mesh to cover your installation adequately 

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